Key West Memorial Names A to Z Index

The names listed on this website are in alphabetical order by first name. If you click on an individual name, you will be able to leave a message, upload a picture, or share a story. In addition, you will find a Location Code for each name that identifies where the name can be found on the Key West AIDS Memorial, since names are engraved in random order.

For instance, click on a name. To the Right is the LOCATION CODE and a picture of that section of the Memorial with the code Sea, Center, or Street (which identifies the three major sections of the Memorial. The section is followed by the Row Number (1-7) and the Column Number (1-14). For example, if the stone location code is SeaR5C10, then that stone would be in the part closest the water, five rows down, and in the 10th column across. Please note, all stones are counted, including blank ones on borders.


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