William Lentz

William Lentz

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  • Bill Steinborn

    Bill and I were good friends in the early seventies in Wildwood NJ. We fell out of touch, and now I regret not trying to track him down earlier. We had lot’s of fun living a hippie lifestyle. Bill was always honest, self-supporting, and unselfish. He had a talent for art and painted some signs for a place I worked. My two favorite Bill Lentz stories: He worked at a fudge shop stirring fudge in the window show at the front…he was strong and handsome, and always had the perfect tan, so it was a good job for him. Anyway, the girls who worked the counter were all young and beautiful. They liked and trusted Bill so much they all went skinny-dipping together. Boy was I jealous! (We kind of knew Bill was gay, but he hadn’t really come out yet). My other story is of the time we went to see Easy Rider in our quiet little town in the off-season. Bill got so excited that he stood up and yelled at the screen! (then quickly sat down, embarrassed and laughing). When we left the theater we noticed that the fringe vest he was wearing (very cool at the time), was on inside-out! He had fringe poking out the armholes! We had a good laugh, and I still tell people the story all these years later.

    It was a privilege to have had Bill as a friend, and I hope he had a happy life.

    • Lonny

      Thank you for these small notes on Bill. I am a nurse who took care of Bill in Key West in 1988 (?’89). I never really knew him but he made such an impression on me that I have never forgotten him and have thought about him once in a while over the years. I remember him being in a wheel chair and seeming somewhat in complete disbelief that this was happening to him and I comforted him. That is all I remember. He was so nice.